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Arranging a Funeral

Why are funerals important?

Whether or not the death was sudden or expected, a funeral signifies the loss of a loved one and marks an important step in the grieving process. The funeral allows everyone to be aware that the deceased is no longer with us and to express their thoughts and feelings towards them.

Funerals are also an opportunity to get together with family and friends to share memories, celebrate life and find some comfort with each other. Their ritual, whether religious or secular, help relatives and friends cope better with their pain, and to focus on their lives and their future. They can be personalised to honour the loved one and demonstrate the importance they had to you.

What to do when a loved one dies?

When a death occurs, it is usual for people to be unsure of what to do. You may experience a sense of shock, disbelief or numbness. We will help support and guide you through the initial steps and provide advice on other things you may need to think about when a loved one passes.

What to do when a death occurs at home
If someone passes away at home, the first person to be contacted is the Doctor of the deceased. The Doctor or locum, will attend to confirm that the death has occurred. Once this is done, you need to contact John Grant to arrange the transfer of the deceased into our care. There is no hurry for this, if you want to spend quiet time with your loved one.

What to do when a death occurs at a hospital or aged care home
If a death occurs at an aged care home or a hospital, John Grant can be contacted by either yourself or the staff to arrange transfer of the deceased into our care.

Tell next of kin, family and friends
In our experience, you should also contact next of kin, family and friends that the death has occurred as their support will be invaluable to you at this time.

After having taken these practical steps, arrangements for the funeral service can be made at your convenience in either our facilities or your own home. Our team are available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Preparing for a meeting with John Grant

Check for any special wishes?
The first thing to do before you meet with us will be to check if the deceased had a pre-paid or pre-arranged funeral or left any information about their funeral in a Will. If they did not express any special wishes for their funeral, you will need to make decisions in their honour and with our help and guidance.

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Gateway Funerals, Serving The Melbourne Bayside & Dandenong Areas For Over 25 Years.

Arranging a funeral can be a difficult time; our staff appreciate this and offer caring experience that’s hard to find elsewhere. We also understand people can be confused or have different needs so rest assured the first person you speak with will be able to assist. Arranging this final farewell does not have to be a daunting prospect and Loxley, Lindsay, Tracey or Judy are here to help <a href=”tel:(03) 9776 0299″>(03) 9776 0299</a>.

Our caring staff are on call 24 HOURS 7 DAYS A WEEK to guide you through what can appear to be a maze of arrangements both wanted by you and required by others.
RELIGIOUS &amp; CULTURAL NEEDS can be fulfilled by us so you’re secure that funeral funeral planning matches your needs. Please call us to find out and more and examples of how we have helped families in the past.

Our chapel is fully air conditioned and can accommodate up to 200 people if required. Our sound system allows for every spoken memory or musical tribute to be heard clearly by all and the modern display system ensures pictures are viewed easily by all. Filled with a sense of peace and comfort the chapel refreshment area looks over our own beautiful private garden.

During the service, as you reflect on the life being remembered, let us enhance these memories by using some of your treasured photographs and a favourite piece of music, to create an audio visual celebration of the life journey undertaken by your loved one.

Light refreshments can be served in the area adjoining the Chapel following the service, to allow friends and family the time to share, reflect and to comfort each other before moving away.

Arrangements for the funeral service can be made at your convenience. Our staff are contactable 24 hours 7 days on <a href=”tel:(03) 9776 0299″>(03) 9776 0299</a> or <a href=”/find-us”>click here to contact us</a>.

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